In 2015, my marriage of 11 years came to an end. I was left lost, lonely, confused & devastated. I woke up feeling empty & Joy-less, completely paralyzed by my heartbreak. I did my best to survive by numbing the pain, suppressing the grief & distracting myself as much as possible. Until I got tired of laying in my tears on the bathroom floor.  I had lost my identity & felt overwhelmed trying to re-invent myself. 

One thing became crystal clear, I needed a PLAN. A roadmap to recover from the pain, reboot my life, and reclaim my joy. 

After spending over 15-years as an Planning Professional, coordinating Multi-Million Dollar experiences for companies and clients world-wide, I decided to pair my planning skills with the biggest pain point of my life - Divorce. I spent decades designing feel-good functions for others. It was only then that I realized the REAL reason life guided me in the direction of event planning, AND divorce. After seeking out solutions for my own heartbreak I realized that no one was providing exactly what I was looking for. A POWERFUL PLAN & PARTNERSHIP to find my new normal & move forward faster.
So I created it myself!

I graduated with my Certification in Life Coaching, Breathwork Facilitation, and Trauma informed leadership in 2019 & have been providing customized coaching & transformation planning for newly divorced women change their lives ever since.

In my free time you'll find me outdoors - hiking, paddle boarding, sun bathing, wine tasting with friends, sinning along at a live music event, or racking up my frequent flyer miles on the next trip. 

My Story

professional planner

certified life coach &
breathwork factiliator

started my business

group coaching &
women's retreats

creating comebacks daily!

okay, i totally wanna chat!

"The best part about working with Heidi is that she is so REAL and RELATABLE. She is on the journey right along with you & encouraging you the entire time because she KNOWS exactly how you are feeling."


DIVORCE comeback coach