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✔ Onboarding 1:1 Session with Heidi - Onboarding Coaching session. To get to know you and make you feel safe & supported in your new community.

What is Joyfully Divorced &
The Comeback Community?

What's Included?

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  • How to identify what's REALLY been holding you back from healing & happiness, & powerful practices to process the pain and get "unstuck" for good.

  • How to get to the ROOT of knowing what you need now (in each moment) & tools to nourish those needs without waiting for something outside of yourself to save you/create change.

  • How to design a life you desire get CLEAR on who you want to become. Learn integrative tools that allow you to fully connect mind, body & soul in a way that actually serves & supports your highest self.

  • How to use breathwork to change your state & create whole body healing from within that lasts a lifetime.

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  • How to create meaningful connection with your grief & use it for transformation & growth.

  • Learn powerful practices & tools that allow you to let go of your Ex & the people/things connected to your marriage that no longer serve you.

  • How to shift hopeLESSness to hopeFULL & self-empowered. Learn how to make room to attract & create all that you desire.

  • Create awareness around your past that will allow you to do life differently & learn powerful language that will up-level your daily life immediately.

  • How to utilize the top transformational tools for managing your mindset and seeing your reality shift. This tool can be used moving forward anytime you feel "funk'd up"

  • How to deepen your intuitiveness using techniques that strengthen your trust & make soul serving decisions that light you up!

  • How to say goodbye to the indecisiveness & people-pleasing, and say hello to a more confident you. In this section you'll begin feeling the full expansion and expression of the woman you desire to show up as.

  • How to create & integrate into powerful daily routines & rituals that will forever change the way you do life. We'll share the step-by-step practices to manage your morning & set the tone for an epic day.

  • Get access to the 4-part self check-in formula to maintain all of the transformation & change you've created from within and keep it going with ease!

  • How to protect & use your energy to avoid the exhaustion of future roadblocks.

  • How to use the 4 Core keys to stay connected to you Joy daily.

  • Mastering "maintenance mode". How to continue to operate from your highest self & practice everything you've learned to live the life you've been destined for.

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"The best part about working with Heidi is that she is so REAL and RELATABLE. She is on the journey right along with you & encouraging you the entire time because she KNOWS exactly how you are feeling."


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